PulseFire Studios is a promotional and production music library as well as a custom music and sound design firm for motion pictures, multimedia games and advertising markets. Created by composer, producer Mike Brick, PulseFire Studios offers compelling cutting edge music production!

Mike Brick has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience over the years as a composer, producer, guitarist, performer, studio owner and audio engineer. Mike posseses a music degree with an emphasis in Audio Engineering from UC Denver, and has been producing albums, performing concerts, writing and recording music his entire life. Having a deep love for electronic and orchestral music, Mike brings an exciting and unique flavor to all music he produces, highlighting evolving sound scapes and lush epic orchestration married to up to the minute electronics.

Supplying dynamic and emotive music with a keen sense for interaction PulseFire Studios is a one-stop production house for epic music and impactful sound design.

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